Alexander Trading & Supplies started on 2009 by its founder Essam Alghonaimy, a 40 years old (at that time) executive with a sold background in Banking, Auditing and Management Consultancy, Trading Administration, Shipping, Logistics, Commodity trading and Export.

The Identity & Mission

The founder started by setting the Mission of this business model, which is to provide Reliability, Precision and Competency in serving our potential Stakeholders. Those 3 Pillars shall be the

core of the company and it was represented in the illustration of the roman column to be the Logo of the Company. Moreover, to name the company after the great conqueror Alexander the Great who invaded the known world at his time, and follow his legacy by having no borders in innovation of marketing and selling to the global market.

The Business Opportunity

Furthermore, and as an Egyptian who was born abroad and lived most of his career working regionally and globally. He managed to identify a professional gap in the supply chain of products made in Egypt. Where most of the Government owned Companies plus the SME’s are lacking the Marketing and Sales Experience or Orientation especially the international sales or what we call, Export.

The Action

Started with forming the company and targeting providing a professional service in the field of international Sales and Marketing to the Government Companies and SME’s as his clientele. He managed to start signing Agency Contracts with many Construction Material companies to export their products mainly in the African Continent.

Using his gained experience in Cement, Plaster, Pipes and Flooring with great multinational companies such as CEMEX, Saint-Gobain and Bänninger, further to many contacts and personal experience in flooring materials such as Ceramic Tiles plus Marble and Granite. Alexander Trading & Supplies Managed to open various markets in East Africa and USA with a B2B business model, mainly selling to Factories and major Importers or wholesalers.

Change of Field & Identity

Company Logo

Years Forward, Specifically in 2018, another company was founded in Uganda by the Founder and other local Partners, and started taking over this business with a local team for a better marketing approach and handling of Order to achieve not only the selling

targets but also to provide its clients with a professional Customer Service model.

On the other hand, Alexander Trading & Supplies had its eyes on another industrial sector that was being studied closely with many contacts in the field, using its founder experience in the textile business through his previous work with Oriental Weavers and other family network in Upholstery, Bed Linen and Towels. Such efforts concluded many Agency Contracts with Governmental and Family Companies in Egypt to handle the export of their Products.

Persistent promotion of Bed Linen and Towels to East Africa was fruitful by starting the supply to major Wholesaler and Distributer in Tanzania and Kenya in 2018. Followed by supplying hotels in the same countries further to Uganda and Rwanda with the same products.

Alexander Trading & Supplies is continuing in the Textile Field approaching other destinations in Africa, EU and USA, and planning to build upon the historical reputation of the Egyptian Cotton Industry to gain a reasonable market share in these markets by Selection, Quality Testing, Packing, Shipping and Handling its Customers Orders to guarantee the best experience ever for its Clients.